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What's OTRS?

OTRS is time-motion analysis software with video functions that supports to enable production and manufacturing sites to shorten work times, reduce labor, and costs. By analyzing videos of actual work process, unreasonableness, waste, and inconsistency can be eliminated, tasks standardized, and such work improvements can lead to reduced costs and uniform quality. OTRS can also be used in various other ways such as to prepare work instruction manual, education, and training materials, or as a tool to transfer technical skills.
OTRS has become very popular among leading manufactures in Japan, and in particular major automobile manufactures who are seeking tight control over material and labor costs and line productivity.

OTRS VIDEOS    (English Translation)

OTRS10 Concept animation

OTRS10 is simple design,analyze and implement standardized work to eliminate overburden,wasteand unevenness within your operations.

Introduction to the case animation video

From the improvement of the production site to everyone.Effectively educate staff and transfer skills using the video comparison playback feature.


The digestion demonstrations of OTRS10

OTRS10 is time and motion analysis software designed to help you achieve labor and cost reductions within your operations. OTRS can be utilized at all stages of the kaizen cycle.

KAIZEN activities and OTRS - contribution to QCD improvement

Explaining the feature of OTRS that is work analysis and business optimization software of being able to raise QCD(quality, cost, delivery).

IE(Industrial Engineering) and OTRS

Assess unreasonableness, waste, and inconsistency in KAIZEN activities, and introduce "OTRS" of IT Solution to be able to eliminate it from the point of view of the IE(Industrial Engineering).

OTRS Video Analysis

Motion analysis is the fundamental operation of OTRS and also provides its most feature-rich analysis functions. While checking the recorded video on a PC, you can split the motion into elements with just the click of a mouse and any motion elements thought to be wasteful can be specified as invalid motions. Besides,OTRS can change the playback speed, and register descriptive comments for each element, and can classify by color elements.

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